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Thursday, September 30, 2010


A lot of times, people dont like to wear their hair out when its natural because it does not look full or big! I use to also be one of those girls!!! One thing that I learned from a fellow natural woman is stretching you hair because it gives the volume that is desired! Stretching is not bad for your hair but make sure when stretching you do not pull straight from the ends; stretch more from about an inch away from the end so that your hair does not break! Use the diffuser which is the big wide circular attachment for your blow dryer and scrunch your hair. Afterward, use the flat nozzle to stretch your hair and loosen your curls! One great thing about the nozzle is that it reduces frizz because you are not letting the air dry your hair, you are controlling the process of your curl turn out! As you see on the left, thats how my curls are regularly, but when i diffuse my hair and stretch my curls, I receive the results on the right! Enjoy :-)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Hey my name is Brittany Brijae! My natural journey... OH WOW!!! Where to begin?

I got my first perm at 7 years old and got one until I was 12. At that age, that was probably the best decision for my mother because I was a very active person and was on many sports teams.  Around 13 I started to go natural again for about a year using the "grow out" method which I hated, so then slapped a perm right back in which was a waste because after that perm, I wanted to go natural again. I then stopped getting relaxers for good!!!! One thing that I did wrong was I died my hair red, black, blonde highlights, bleach, YOU NAME IT!!! Even though I was "natural," the chemicals from the colors damaged my hair because I was a young girl not knowing how to manage it! 

Then it was time to go to college. It was the weekend before I started classes and I was just frustrated when trying to style my dry, brittle hair! I then took one chunk of hair and cut it off!!! I then knew I had to cut the rest so i did the BIG CHOP!!!! I loved it, the most manageable ever!!!! That was Friday August 24th 2007!!!!

I am 3 years in now!!!! I love being natural, but haven't really shown it! I slap my hair in a pony tail or bun or just crazy and its time for that to change! It is finally time to experience the "LOVING MY NATURAL" journey!!!!

Ouidad Curl Quencher Shampoo and Conditioner Duo


START AT 3:03 Check me out!!!!! I was a hair model for a product called OUIDAD which is amazing!!!!! I have the *Climate control humidity gel* and the *Clear Control pomade*

*FYI: Obviously my hair doesnt really look like that before, BUT at the same time, without her products, my hair wouldnt look like that AFTER! Honestly all they did was use the product in my hair and a diffuser which I use anyway to dry my hair!

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