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Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Hey my name is Brittany Brijae! My natural journey... OH WOW!!! Where to begin?

I got my first perm at 7 years old and got one until I was 12. At that age, that was probably the best decision for my mother because I was a very active person and was on many sports teams.  Around 13 I started to go natural again for about a year using the "grow out" method which I hated, so then slapped a perm right back in which was a waste because after that perm, I wanted to go natural again. I then stopped getting relaxers for good!!!! One thing that I did wrong was I died my hair red, black, blonde highlights, bleach, YOU NAME IT!!! Even though I was "natural," the chemicals from the colors damaged my hair because I was a young girl not knowing how to manage it! 

Then it was time to go to college. It was the weekend before I started classes and I was just frustrated when trying to style my dry, brittle hair! I then took one chunk of hair and cut it off!!! I then knew I had to cut the rest so i did the BIG CHOP!!!! I loved it, the most manageable ever!!!! That was Friday August 24th 2007!!!!

I am 3 years in now!!!! I love being natural, but haven't really shown it! I slap my hair in a pony tail or bun or just crazy and its time for that to change! It is finally time to experience the "LOVING MY NATURAL" journey!!!!

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