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Thursday, September 30, 2010


A lot of times, people dont like to wear their hair out when its natural because it does not look full or big! I use to also be one of those girls!!! One thing that I learned from a fellow natural woman is stretching you hair because it gives the volume that is desired! Stretching is not bad for your hair but make sure when stretching you do not pull straight from the ends; stretch more from about an inch away from the end so that your hair does not break! Use the diffuser which is the big wide circular attachment for your blow dryer and scrunch your hair. Afterward, use the flat nozzle to stretch your hair and loosen your curls! One great thing about the nozzle is that it reduces frizz because you are not letting the air dry your hair, you are controlling the process of your curl turn out! As you see on the left, thats how my curls are regularly, but when i diffuse my hair and stretch my curls, I receive the results on the right! Enjoy :-)


  1. I agree! If I didnt know how to stretch my curls, I WOULD NEVER wear my hair down....

  2. mm yeah..youve gotta teach me how to stretch mine. big difference!