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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Protective Hairstyle

One thing that I am starting to do in order to keep my hair healthy and from breaking is doing protective hairstyles! When doing a protective hairstyle you want to make sure that your ends are covered and not exposed! The protective hairstyle choice for this post is Dual-Twist Bun.

Now there is 2 different ways to style this hairstyle!


*6 bobby pins (style 1)
*2 pony tail holders Ouchless
*YOUR favorite DEEP CONDITIONER (this is my favorite Deep Conditioner, Looks Yummy huh lol)
*Cute Hair Clip(s) of your choice (style 1)

-Wash and condition your hair as you would usually do but make sure to keep in a good leave in conditioner
-Part your hair down the middle, having an even amount of hair on each side
-Put one side up to stay out the way of styling the first side
-Twist the first side of your hair (either flat twist or double strand) i prefer flat!

-Pin the twist at the end and repeat styling on the opposite side
-Put the two twists in a pony tail holder then put your pony tail into a bun of your choice (messy, chic, braided)-Clip your ends under with the style clips of your choice

-After twisting first side, twist around into a bun and pin in your ends, do the same on the other side
-Can add clips for styling
-Make sure your ends are covered

 Accessorize your look with make-up and Earrings :-)  

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