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Tuesday, October 12, 2010


One thing that our natural hair is soooooooo thirsty for is OIL!!!! Sometimes curly hair can get very dry especially because we often co-wash a lot to keep our hair looking fresh! I have started to give my hair an oil treatment once a week, usually when I do my weekly deep conditioning!!! If you have dry hair, here is something that you can do to moisturize your hair, and you WILL see a difference immediately; you will see more dramatic results to your hair after a few weeks!!!! 

*Section your hair
*Put oil in your hair for each section
*Put your hair in a bun and put a plastic shower cap on; leave on for 20 minutes, more if desired!
*Afterwards, it is good to use a shampoo that has sulfate because it takes away the extra oil that's not needed
*Either deep condition your hair or you can even use hair mayo (hair mayo makes it much softer)
*Rinse out the remainder of oil and deep conditioner or hair mayo
*Put in YOUR favorite leave-in conditioner


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